I Love You Still

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I Love You Still

i love you still…
even how many times i tried to forget you
even if it hurts me and makes me blue,
to live a life without special you

i love you still…
you changed my life in a moment i found you
you showed me life and love that i never knew,
i thought your words is all true

i love you still…
making me fall for you so suddenly
i never thought it could be possibly
only in the end you broke my heart so easily

i love you still…
i thought you really care for me
showing interest so persistently
but now you wish to be set free

i love you still…
makes me wonder whats wrong with me
and now why you’re telling me,
that you are not the best man for me

i love you still…
how can you say that?
how can you broke my heart
wanting us to be apart

i love you still…
you stub my heart so deep
without you how can i live?
if this is true? i wish not to believe

i love you still…
i never love like this before
giving my heart and gave my all
wishing for love to stay forever more

i love you still…
i’ve been waiting for love to come along
but if you wish for this love not to go on
how can i keep you and me holding on

i love you still…
but if this love is not really meant to be?
and my love keeps you from being happy
even if it hurts, i am setting you free

i love you still…
even letting go could mean my heart’s agony
and to live my life in the midst of misery
if you go away, my only wish is for you to keep on remember me.